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Boot Camp Army Party

Stand at ease and let our qualified staff train your young recruits into an elite military squad. With a mixture of faux drill-sergeant discipline and good humour, our staff will run a variety of physical and team-building activities. After getting camo’d up with face paint, the troops will be split into teams and put through their paces.

When they’ve been moulded into a hardened and disciplined unit, they will be given a half-hour’s leave for rations.

In the last-half hour of the party, they will plan and execute a tactical military operation. Each team (with a little help) will plan their strategy for the final exercise: a large game of Capture the Flag in which they will have to raid other teams’ bases, defend their own, and collect points along the way.

All the action and excitement a young commando could wish for, and all the peace of mind that parents could want.


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