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We offer a wide range of original and exciting parties for children in London.  Whether you are looking for a boot camp for a bunch of active boys or a fashion party for a group stylish girls, an adorable bear making party for some younger children or an enthralling murder mystery for kids aged 14, we can help.

We come to homes and venues all over London to run our fantastic parties.  Our team can provide every aspect of the event from invitations to going home bags and everything in between or entertain the children and leave the rest to you!

Our Gem Tots parties are designed with the specific needs of younger children in mind. From the games we play to the equipment we use, everything is tailored to ensure that each child has a fun and memorable time.  

We believe that it is important for children to enjoy themselves in a safe environment and that in order for every child to get the most out of them, parties need to be well structured and supervised. Our staff have experience working with all ages, and enjoy some of the games almost as much as the kids!

For children aged 6-9, birthdays are really exciting occasions. For parents of these children, the prospect of a party can be truly terrifying. What do you do with them?! They are too old for clowns and musical chairs, but aren’t yet old enough to organise their own parties. They will have clear ideas about how they would like to celebrate their birthday, but it is down to you to turn these ideas into reality.  

We have an original and engaging range of parties that offer children and parents a great choice of creative or adventurous activities, and prices to suit a wide variety of budgets.

Whether your child wants to have some friendly competition, nurture their artistic talent or foster their flair for fashion, we can help.

Organising a party for someone in this age group can be tricky. They will probably have a pretty good idea of what they want, and a very good idea of what they don’t want. All you have to do is make the calls and foot the bill!

In fact, we’re aware that you might be an 10-14 year old researching your own party and reading this yourself, and that you will (of course) be telling your parents that you want one of our parties.

Whether you’re a parent or a child, we all know that a party for someone this age needs to strike the right balance between being fun, original, and affordable.

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